Our Loans

For many of our Members one of the main reasons they join Portadown Credit Union is to avail of our loans facility. Over the years Members have come to realise that Portadown Credit Union, when compared to other financial organisations offers a personal, flexible service at a fair rate of interest.

Our loans differ from others in a number of ways:

  • We calculate your interest on a reducing loan balance
    As you pay your loan off, the amount of interest you’re paying back also reduces. This makes your loan cheaper, even though on paper the APR rate may appear higher.
  • We don’t charge arrangement fees
    While other financial organisations charge fees for the setting up of loans, we don’t. Portadown Credit Union exists to provide a service to you, not to profit from you.
  • We don’t penalise you if you want to pay your loan off early
    Whilst other financial organisations charge you extra if you want to increase your payments and settle your loan early – we don’t. We know it’s in your best interest to pay your loan off quickly as you can as this reduces the amount of interest you pay.
  • We offer free life insurance on loans
    To give you piece of mind we fully insure your loan in the event of your death and at no cost to you up to your 85th birthday subject to terms and conditions. This contrasts with banks and building societies who charge their customers hefty sums to offer exactly the same facility.